Raindirk Audio Ltd designs, manufactures and services a range of professional mixing consoles and 19" rackmounted equipment and has the facilities to service and support Helios desks.

Powered 19" Racks

Powered 19" racks are available which accept up to 8 vertical Mic/EQ modules within a 4U frame. A 5U frame will accept a mix of Helios and Audio and Design based units, compressor/limiters etc. manufactured by Helios.

Service and modifications

Helios consoles are no longer manufactured, but Raindirk Audio is able to service and support existing Helios products as well as modify such products to suit the changing needs of the user. The illustration below shows how two consoles (18 and 24 channel), which were of different heights were incorporated into a new frame with the addition of a new meter panel and new 24-track routing modules. Where possible, Helios amplifiers and modules were overhauled and incorporated. Raindirk Audio designed and supplied two 2x24-track monitor mixers, the outputs of which are available at the console. Since the photograph below was taken the two units pictured left of centre have been replaced by Raindirk's 16 channel Mic/EQ modules.

click here for photograph of original Helios modules

New proposals are on the drawing board to re-introduce the original microphone and equalizer designs, with new monitor and routing modules to form a new in-line console, whilst retaining the former all discreet amplifier designs. The old passive EQ sound and associated harmonics are essential and would be identical to the 1970s sound.

One of the earliest forms of the famous Helios Passive EQ/MIC modules was used by many of the sixties and seventies recording artists and producers. A much sought after module now in production (illustrated below) follows the Helios design. All components are of the highest quality. EQ capacitors are either polystyrene or polyester. Rotary switches are Elma types - just as the originals.

A few prototype single and dual amplifiers to replace Helios type XXX are available for interested parties to test drive in their existing Helios equipment.


A dual passive microphone/equilizer module based on the well respected and famous Helios modules. The design is almost identical to the early Raindirk Audio Series III consoles of the same period. During the seventies both types of equalizers were used by many of the top recording artists and producers.

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